8-piston RS4/RS5/RS6/R8 Brake Brackets


8-piston RS4/RS5/RS6/R8 Brake Brackets


These brake adapter brackets are a clone of the OEM Audi 8-piston caliper bracket found on the RS4, RS5, RS6, and R8.  Audi does not sell this bracket separately from the caliper itself.

NOTE:  In general, the rotor used in conjunction with this bracket must match the application that it is being used for.  i.e.  (RS4 rotors on the B5 S4, B6, B7 & RS6 rotors on the RS6, etc.)  Many of the OEM 365×34 rotors have different offsets, and cannot be interchanged from one application to another.

Product Construction: High strength steel alloy, zinc plated

Apikol P/N 10A04162



Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Caliper Bolt Option