Audi 7A EFI Injector Upgrade Kit


Audi 7A EFI Injector Upgrade Kit


Complete 7a to EFI injector conversion kit, includes adaptors and new injectors in balanced set of 5, complete with all of the necessary seals. An exact match for the stock Hitachi injectors, but more consistent flow and better atomization. Dyno proven 5 wheel HP increase over stock Hitachi injectors, stock off throttle and idle, 12.5:1 a/f under WOT power, completely transforms the powerband. This upgrade is recommended not only for maintenance repair but for performance with an estimated 7-8hp flywheel HP increase across the RPM band.

Note, we update the injectors that come with this kit from time to time, so the injectors you receive may not be identical to the ones pictured. This is done in an effort to always supply the most current, up-to-date product possible.

Note 2, these are high impedance injectors, so stock resistor pack must by bypassed by re-wiring, or purchase our plug in bypass, add below as option.

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Weight 2 lbs
Harness Option