Audi A6 Sport Sway Bar Set Black, Hotchkis


Audi A6 Sport Sway Bar Set Black, Hotchkis


The most significant performance gain for your A6! Many A6 owners contacted Hotchkis describing a vagueness in handling as they turned-into corners, very little feedback from the steering wheel and too much roll. Hotchkis Sport Suspension went to work on the A6 and produced a tubular sway bar set that addresses the symptoms. We took into account that the A6 is a sport-luxury sedan and should not be made into a track-only car. As a result, Hotchkis produced the Sport Sway Bar Set with enough rate into the front and rear bars to bring a smile to any A6 owner. With the set installed, the A6 has much improved turn-in bite and greatly increased steering response. Although roll is not completely eliminated, the A6 travels through corners with added grip front and rear. The rear bar is adjustable for tuning to various environments such as the street or track. The set includes all necessary hardware to complete the install. Lightweight tubular 35mm front, 22mm adjustable rear.

Rate increase over stock

Front: +60%

Rear: +98% & +132%


    • 2000-2004 Audi A6 Quattro


Install Instructions:

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions60 × 20 × 12 in