OEM B5 S4 Rear Calipers, New Pair (TRW Brand)


OEM B5 S4 Rear Calipers, New Pair (TRW Brand)


The TRW 100% new caliper is manufactured to vehicle manufacturers OE standards, guaranteeing the same high quality as the original equipment they replace. TRW calipers come ‘friction ready’ allowing you to select your favorite brand of brake pad.

    • Calipers are fully assembled and are firction ready.
    • All calipers, components and castings are 100% NEW
    • Improvements made to OE Failure-Prone Applications
    • Modular construction, incorporating aluminum or cast iron (SGI) housings
    • Housing guiding system sealed for life
    • Integral (with knuckle) designs available for further weight, cost savings (RPS only)
    • Compatible with all ABS, TC, ESC hydraulic brake control systems

Installation Note: To ensure proper brake system performance, it is advised that brake fluid and hoses be inspected every 10,000 – 15,000 miles. Fluid replacement is recommended every 2 years

Warranty Information: 12 month – 12,000 mile limited warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

TRW Automotive
TRW Automotive is a leading OE manufacturer and supplier of precision automotive parts to vehicle manufacturers and automotive aftermarket.

Use with OEM Caliper Carriers.

Sold as a Left / Right Pair. (Call for individual caliper)

Left Caliper P/N – 8D0 615 423C

Right Caliper P/N – 8D0 615 424C

Additional information

Weight10 lbs