Water/Methanol Injection – Stage 2


Water/Methanol Injection – Stage 2


Boost Coolers allow for more power in two ways on a gasoline application. EXTRA OCTANE. This allows for much more aggressive tuning safely to make more power. Timing can often be advanced 10 or more degrees in the power band. Boost can often be increased 5 or more PSI. Air/fuel ratios of around 12.5:1 can be utilized even in high boost applications. BETTER COOLING. Better cooling of the intake air charge. We often cool intake air temperatures 50-150 degrees. This means denser air charge for more efficient power. All kits include instructions and hardware.

Stage 2: Tired of your factory SMIC heat soaking? Want to push your 1.8T without the fear of detonation? Get better IAT reduction and detonation control with this new 1.8T-specific kit. The Digital Variable Control unit proportionally injects more or less water-methanol according to input signals from your factory Mass Air Flow sensor. This offers accurate injection for small, quick spooling turbos. Enjoy more power over a wide range with smooth, seamless delivery.

Stage 2 Kit includes:

Digital MAF referenced controller

UHO pump for the most in pressure and volume

Bulkhead fitting required to tap into factory washer reservoir

10 feet of tubing

2 nozzles to cover a wide range of horsepower

All required hardware needed for installation

1.8T specific instructions for ease of installation

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
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